Painting Services

Affordable Pricing

$0.65-$1.50 Per Square Footage & $60 Per wall for smaller projects.

Hands of Integrity services is a painting company in Columbus, Ohio. We are looking to take on some interior residential painting for potential clients. We have painters with over 20+ years of experience, looking to provide you with first class service on a coach budget.

 We have great discounts at all your favorite local, regional, and national paint stores, so we are able to get great deals from paint suppliers at a great rate.

If you are a Homeowner, Investor, Flipper, General Contractor Etc. looking for a great company to help make your home or commercial business look fresh again,  You can send over pictures via text or by emailing this ad with pics of project, or we can schedule a walk-through for pricing. Cant wait to do business with you, please reach out with any questions.