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Honorable Maids in Columbus is apart of the Hands of Integrity family. We believe in providing Exceptional + Superior customer service, and believe our purpose is to help clean the dirt and make things look brand new.

Honorable Maids offer Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly/Decade (You get our drift), basically we are available around the clock for our clients, and we really mean it when we say we provide Exceptional + Superior customer service. Below I will explain in detail what all we can clean in your home:

- Refrigerator (Inside, Outside, Top, Underneath) (Inside Additional Charge)
- Oven (Inside, Outside, Underneath) (Inside Additional Charge)
- Cabinets/Drawers (Wipe All Crumbs, Stains, and Residue)
- Countertops (Scrub, Rinse, Dry Until Dirt Removed)
- Floors (Sweep, Bleach Mop, Wipe Corners)
- Walls (Remove Grease, Food Particles, Etc.)

- Tub/Shower (Scrub dirt, wipe faucet, scrub shower head, Remove Soap Scum)
- Toilet (Clean inside, Outside, Behind)
- Mirrors/Medicine Cabinet (Clean Thoroughly)
- Cabinets/Drawers (Clean All Stains left behind)
- Floors (Sweep and Bleach Mop)


- Vacuum All Carpets
- Sweep/mop non-carpeted floors

MISC. (Additional Charge)
- Light Fixtures/Ceiling Fans (Remove Dust, Dirt, Residue, Bugs)
- Garage (Sweep and Remove cobwebs)
- Basement (Sweep and Remove Dirt, Sweep off Windows, Remove cobwebs)
- Furnace/Hot Water Tank (Wipe off All Dust and Dirt)
- Window Pane/Blinds (Wipe Off Al Dirt, Dust Blinds, Remove All Dirt)
-Bed making

- Vent Register (Clean top, inside)

WALLS (Additional Charge)
- Remove cobwebs
- Scrub walls
- Clean baseboards 

Pricing: (Estimations)

3 Hour Cleaning Special $99 and $30hr Thereafter

Full Cleaning - $225-$335 or $45hr with 3 hour minimum (Square Footage)

Full Cleaning (Wall Included) - $275-$385 or $55hr with 3 hour minimum (Square Footage) 

Light Cleaning - $30hr

Weekly Cleaning - $85-$125

Air BnB Cleaning – Call For Details

We can also tailor maid cleaning to your specific needs, we do understand that every situation is different.

Please Call me directly at 614-957-0033 for more questions, we can work with your budget (Exceptional + Superior customer service) we want you as a loyal customer and we will work with you.